Exciting things happening in Byram

For those of you that missed the Form Based Code Kickoff Meeting March 28th, you missed a great presentation by Dr. Kumar.  He explained how he and the Steering Committee made up of Byram citizens have been meeting to begin the stages of the Form Based Code for the Byram Parkway area.  The next step will be for lots of citizen involvement, they want to hear your ideas!  Please keep an eye out for upcoming meetings!


Friday and Saturday, April 21 & 22

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The Soccer Season is here!  Dorian Allen has been working hard to kick it off.  If you would like to learn more click on the Soccer Logo.

Have you visited Davis Road Park?  We are very excited about having a park and what 2017 will bring for all our citizens.  Click here to get more information.

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Citizens:  Thanks to all those who have taken advantage of the opportunity to recycle in Byram. Recycling is available at City of Byram Public Works Department, 550 Executive Blvd. and the hours are: Monday through Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M., please check the calendar below for the Saturday schedule.  Reminder: recycling services at the Volunteer Fire Station at 2571 Davis Road are NO longer available.  Further information is available by calling 601-372-7746.

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