Board of Aldermen

 Your Board for 2021 – 2025

The City of Byram operates under a mayor-council form of government. The Mayor and seven Aldermen set laws and policies for the City.  The Aldermen are elected to represent respective wards, while an Alderman-at-large is elected to represent all wards.  The board appointed Alderman-at-Large Richard Cook to serve as Mayor Pro-Tem.

Aldeman Erma Johnson canceled her Ward I meeting scheduled on 8/3/21 due to the increase of Covid cases and apologizes for any inconvenience.  She hopes to be able to have one in the near future.

The Board of Aldermen meet on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall, 5901 Terry Road. Board agendas are prepared by the Office of the City Clerk.









Ward I Alderwoman Erma Johnson                   Ward II Alderman/Mayor Pro Tem Diandra Hosey                                                  
601.918-6369                                                                                    601.372.7746







Ward III Alderman Charlie Campbell                                      Ward IV Alderman Teresa Mack                                              
601.540.5190                                                                              601.750.2104








Ward V Alderman Roschelle Gibson                                             Ward VI Alderman David Moore                                                         
601.209.4890                                                                                    601. 613.2700


Alderman At Large Rushunda Harris-Allen

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