Adoption of International Codes 20

Alarm Ordinance and  Registration

Amend Ord Animal Control

Amending Zoning Text November 29, 2018

Proposed Annexation 2020 and Maps

Architectural Design Ordinance 2011

Building Permit Fees 2010

Byram Parkway Parcel Rezoning 2012

Collection of Surcharges for Sewer 5-14-15

Contractor Licensing

Crime Stoppers Ordinance 2012

Deadly Weapons 2013

Development Ordinance 2011

Development Regulations Amendment-Pipe

Develpment Regulations Amendments

Discharge of Firearms 2010

Door to Door Peddling and Soliciting

Dumping Ordinance

Electrical Service Without Release

Election Wards Apportioning Ordinance 2012

Excessive Occupancy Ordinance 2012

Fire Works Ordinance Amended 2012

Fire Works Ordinance 2012

Flood Damage Prevention 2010 

Floodplain Control 2010

Gary Rd Rezone C3 to RE

Gated Community Ordinance 2012

Grease Interceptor Ordinance

Knox Box Ordinance 2012

Land Disturbance 2012

Mailbox Receptacle Ordinance 2012

Manufactured Homes Regulations

Meetings 2009

Meetings Schedule Amendment 2010

Noise Ordinance 2011

Off Road vehicle Ordinance 

Polling Locations Ordinance 2012

Private Street Maintenance

Records Management Fee

Rental Ordinance

Residential Size -4.200.4.E

Rezoning A-1 to C-1

Rezoning RE to I-1 2017

Rezoning R-E to C-3

Rezone R-E to R-1

Rezone R-1 with Pud Overlay

Rezoning Property Ordinance (Dakota Street)

Sexually Oriented Business Ordinance 2012

Siwell-McCluer Rd. Rezoning 2012

Small Cell Technology Ordinance

Smoking Ordinance 2011

Special Event App Ordinance

Storm Drainage Discharge Ordinance 2010

Street Naming Ordinance 2012

Telepak (C Spire) Ordinance

Transient Vendor Ordinance 2011

Utility Line Construction 2010

Utility Services

Z & P Commission Amended 2013

Adopting Zoning Regulations and Map