1. Alderman information/what Ward am I in? Enter your address here Byram Voter Information  and click on the details link or contact Byram City Hall at 601-372-7746.
  2. Animal Control: Call Byram Police Department Dispatch Center at 601-372-2327.
  3. Apply for a Business License:  Click Here or Call Byram Public Works at 601-372-7791.
  4. Apply for a Job: EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION Applications for all departments are accepted at City Hall, 5901 Terry Road. Click Here for a list of current openings.
  5. Bid on a City Contract: Contact Deputy City Clerk Linda White at 601-372-7746 or lwhite@byram-ms.us.
  6. Census Bureau Facts & Figures for the City of Byram.
  7. Contact the Mayor: Contact City Hall at 601-372-7746 or email rwhite@byram-ms.us.
  8. Garage Sale Information: Contact Public Works at 601-372-7791 Garage Sale link.
  9. How do I sign my child up for the Soccer League? 601-372-7791, Byram Soccer Association
  10. My garbage did not get picked up: Waste Management handles garbage collection for Byram residents, call 769-230-8057.
  11. Pay a Traffic Ticket:  Click Here
  12. Pay my property taxes: All City of Byram property taxes are collected by Hinds County. Please call the Hinds County Tax Collector’s Office at 601-968-6587 or 601-857-5574 (Raymond Office).
  13. Public Record Request:  Click Here  Procedure: Click Here
  14. Register to Vote:  Click Here for a Mississippi Voter Registration Application.
  15. Report a code violation: Contact the Zoning & Compliance Officer, Eric Munden, 601-372-7791.
  16. Request to be on the Board Meeting Agenda: Contact Deputy City Clerk Linda White at 601-372-7746 or lwhite@byram-ms.us.
  17. Reserve Davis Road Park: 601-372-7791
  18. Safe Neighborhood Guide
  19. Special Event: Fill out the attached special events application and return to City Hall. Special Event App  
  20. Vehicle tag: Click Here to be directed to the Hinds County Tax Collector’s Office or call 601-968-6587 or 601-857-5574 (Raymond).